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So, the AV referendum is coming up next week (in the UK).

Now, I thought the leaflet I received from the No campaign was annoying enough. It started off well, explaining the two systems in a neutral-ish sort of way, but then someone had obviously looked at it and thought, hang on a minute, people might read all this and make up their own minds, so for the last page they'd clearly wondered, who's unpopular at the moment? I know, Nick Clegg! Well, let's lay into him for a page, then - that'll convince them.

Then today, the yes campaign leaflet. There's very little info on this - just the meaningless comment that "the only way you can make your MP work harder is by voting YES! Then they roll out that old populist chestnut, the expenses scandal.

Yep, apparently they both think that the electorate is entirely made up of thickos who only respond to meaningless soundbites.

Also, Louise Bagshawe, just because your government is currently making a hash of coalition politics, this doesn't mean that coalitions are inherently a bad thing.

Date: 2011-04-26 01:09 pm (UTC)
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just because your government is currently making a hash of coalition politics, this doesn't mean that coalitions are inherently a bad thing.

THANK YOU. This is not a coalition as I imagined the bloody thing working. I would call this a minority Tory government propped up by the Lib Dems in exchange for a few tiiiny concessions. Humph.

I have yet to receive any referendum related stuff and I think on the basis of this post I'm glad. The TV ads for the no campaign were offensive enough (IT'S CONFUSING. IT'S SCARY!).

I'm still undecided, tbh. AV wouldn't be my preferred form of PR, but ehh, if FPTP is the alternative, maybe it's better than nothing? I dunno /o\

Date: 2011-04-26 01:30 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, you're not missing much. AV is clearly flawed, but then so's FPTP... and I think a no vote will mean that reform isn't even considered again for at least another generation.

I was really excited about the coalition. Finally, I thought, grown-up politics! Working together for the good of the nation rather than arguing for the sake of arguing! But nope... Also, if the attitude is "well, we've tried coalitions and we don't like them" - no, you haven't! You've had a rubbish coalition for about two minutes. Also, coalitions don't have to be someone + lib dems. How about a con-lab coalition - that would really be giving it a proper go!

Pre-kids, I used to be pretty well up on politics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and the Netherlands and Belgium to a lesser extent, and they all seem to manage OK with coalitions every time. Especially Switzerland - under their system the cabinet is made up of representatives of all of the main parties in proportion to how they're represented in parliament. I'd love that.


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