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Title: What's occurring?
Author: red_cortina
Characters: Torchwood - Gwen/Ianto friendship, pairings as canon
Disclaimer: All belongs to the BBC
Rating: G
Spoilers: Based on Gwen's line from CofE, but spoilers only really up until the end of S2.

Gwen smiled at the caller ID on her phone as it rang, ignoring Rhys’ demand of “If it’s work, don’t answer it!”

She picked it up as Rhys pressed the pause button on the DVD remote, and coarsening her accent, snapped into it: “Oh, Ianto, I’m not being funny, but it’s my night off. So say what you have to say and be on your way.”

She grinned in triumph as she heard Ianto’s chuckle. It was so rare to hear Ianto laugh these days, as he struggled to cope with Tosh and Owen’s deaths and tried to support Jack through the aftermath of his ordeal.

“Gavin and Stacey again, Gwen?” he asked.

“Yep, that’s us tonight,” Gwen agreed in her normal accent. “Gavin and Stacey and a bottle of wine. Don’t need me to come in do you?”

“No, quite the opposite, actually,” said Ianto, sounding more cheerful than he had in months. “Jack said to tell you not to come in before ten tomorrow.” In the background, Gwen heard Jack yell, “Ten at the earliest!”

“I heard,” she said quickly, as Ianto began to repeat it. “So, got a big night planned, have we?” She didn’t have much hope of getting any juicy details out of Ianto, but that would never stop her asking.

“We-ell,” replied Ianto, drawing out the word. “Let’s just say we’re going on a … fishing trip.”

Gwen laughed delightedly, especially when she heard Jack again, saying, “Fishing trip? I thought we were going Weevil hunting?”

Jack had never understood Gavin and Stacey, and if she was honest, Gwen liked that. Liked the fact that she had a joke to share with Ianto that was just theirs. Once, on a quiet day in the hub while Jack was in London having meetings with the Home Office, they’d concluded that Jack would never be able to understand something so domestic; what did he care about oven gloves or omlettes or roast dinners? Gwen had been secretly relieved that Ianto still found it relevant, even though Torchwood was even more relentless for him than it was for her.

“Have a good night, Ianto,” she said, making a mental note to get doughnuts for them on her way to work tomorrow.

“You too,” he responded, and she could hear the smile in his voice.

“Everything alright, love?” asked Rhys as she put the phone down.

“Yes,” Gwen replied, contented as she leant against him. “I think it will be.”


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